Street Smart™ Leash 2.0 West Coast Style

$38.99 $51.99

As the name implies, this is the smartest leash on the street! It is has the regular handle at the people end and a second handle at the dog end. This second handle is for bringing your dog into a "heel" position. The is leash is handmade from the highest quality English Bridle leather from Wickett & Craig. It is available in two lengths, 48" or 72" and two widths, 5/8" and 3/4". It has an accessory D-ring at the handle that allows you to attach your poop bag container, a water bowl or whatever you choose. You can also use this D-ring to attach the leash around your body while at the dog park.  Maybe you are short or tall, this also allows you to choose the right height for you. The Street Smart™ Leash also comes with an accessory strap that can bundle the leash together so you can store it in the drawer, glove box or backpack. You can also use it to attach an item like a water bottle to your accessory D-ring.