Shark Fin Gear is pleased to offer select individuals an opportunity to join us as Brand Ambassadors! Our Brand Ambassadors are selected advocates who know and love our brand, are enthusiastic dog owners, and who enter into a formal agreement  to promote Shark Fin Gear to their network, friends and community.

They’re focused on sharing their personal experiences with our brand, and building relationships with dog lovers, both on social media and offline.

Shark Fin Gear's brand ambassador program formalizes the process of recruiting and training brand ambassadors, keeping them up-to-date on our brand, providing them with promotional materials, and rewarding these valuable marketers for their hard work with free product and experiences.

Our Brand Ambassador programs is similar to affiliate programs where you are payed commissions on sales. But unlike affiliates, our best brand ambassadors are more concerned with authenticity and relationship-building than making a sale. Shark Fin Gear Brand Ambassadors also get a lot of value in return, such as exclusive brand information, access to a strong community, and real-world experience marketing for a brand. This mutually beneficial relationship helps us both, but also supports our charitable causes like Soldier's Best Friend

You are invited to apply to the program via an online form. Once accepted, as an ambassador you are eligible to earn a 10% cash commission on purchases they generate, and free products when they meet certain goals, as well as entries into ambassador-only giveaways. If you are from the Phoenix area you may be invited to participate in events.

As a brand ambassador you will receive a 20% discount code to share with family and friends and help generate more referrals. You will gain access to an exclusive ambassador community and learn about new products before anyone else. 

Are you ready? If you are click here to register. If you have more questions please email me at If you are not sure and want to wait, follow us on social media and get to know us better. Thanks for giving us this opportunity to get to know you!

- Jack Armstrong -