Other collar makers will tell you they use quality leather, and maybe they'll give you a country of origin as if that makes it a quality product knowing the average consumer knows very little about leather quality. As the makers of the Shark Fin™ collar, we want you to know that we only use leather purchased from Wickett & Craig, one of only two vegetable tanning operations left in the USA. You can watch this video to learn more about their history and dedication to leather quality or continue to read. 


 Founded in 1867, Wickett & Craig is a world premiere vegetable tannery. A labor-intensive method that requires skilled workers, veg-tanning is a natural, eco-friendly process that produces durable, exquisite leathers recognized for their depth of color and rich patina. Simply put their leathers not only endure but get better with age.

Located on more than 16 acres of land, their state-of-the-art facility produces 4,500,000 square feet of both light and heavy-weight leathers annually. The former are used to craft luxury goods, like shoes, bags and belts, while the latter are used to make dog collars and traditional equestrian gear, including saddles, bridles and straps.

The Wickett & Craig tannery has been audited by the Leather Working Group for environmental certification.


The bottom line is that animals are hard on leather collars. They scratch and dent the leather which can cause early replacement. But the veg-tanning process that Wickett & Craig uses soaks the color in deep so scratches don't go through the color down to the natural leather color. In short, they stay looking better with proper care than any other leather on the market. And because of the wax and oils used they can get wet without being ruined. They are tough, durable and beautiful year after year.