"When something is important enough, you do it even when the odds are not in your favor."

-Jack Armstrong

 Miniaturize anything and people will be captivated by it!  The Baby Shark Fin® will certainly become a major part of the Shark Fin® Gear product line. For too long the choices for small dogs have been the same rehashed designs. Now your small dog can show some attitude, some leader of the pack style!

The Baby Shark Fin® Collar has the same advantages that the larger dogs have.

  • Highest quality leather from a tannery in the USA
  • Hardware supplied by a manufacturer in the USA
  • Two D-Rings, one for tags and another for a leash attachment point
  • When it is developed, a place to attach a tracking system.

From the smallest Chihuahua to a larger Yorkie, there is now a size available for your cuddly four-legged friend. We are introducing the Baby Shark Fin® in three colors, Pepper Red, Vintage Pink, and Arizona Turquoise. As shown above, you can get a matching bracelet for you and a very Handy Leash™!  To make the launch of this product more exciting, we are offering a 30% off promo code for your next purchase when you leave a review and send us a picture for a social media post.