jack armstrong president shark fin gear
Visiting sharkfingear.com, you might perceive it as a hub for premium dog gear, and you'd be correct. We offer top-notch products crafted in the USA, with a genuine dedication to the comfort and happiness of our canine companions. However, our journey extends beyond mere commerce. Jack Armstrong, our company's visionary founder, brings with him a wealth of experience from the healthcare sector spanning two decades. In that domain, he owned and managed multiple enterprises, specializing in crafting equipment and furniture tailored for individuals with physical challenges and seniors. Despite the market downturn in 2008, which led to the loss of his businesses and financial stability, Jack chose to pivot his life's trajectory. Drawing upon his expertise, he resolved to make a meaningful impact in the pet industry. Thus, Shark Fin Gear Company was born, driven by a passion for innovation and a commitment to enhancing the lives of pets and their owners alike.
Jack and Sky Armstrong


Our Mission:

Jack Armstrong established Shark Fin Gear Company in 2020, securing a design patent on July 28th of that same year. The company's moniker is inspired by the unique shape of its collar, which not only breaks away from traditional designs but also serves a practical function. This innovative shape provides ample room to integrate electronics directly into the collar, offering a departure from the conventional approach of affixing them atop. In January 2018, Jack and his wife Sky made the bold decision to depart from the security of corporate careers, embracing the uncertainty and thrill of entrepreneurship. Together, they harbor grand ambitions of revolutionizing the world, both for the betterment of animals and the people who cherish them. Among their initial plans is the incorporation of a GPS tracking system into the collar, with myriad other applications envisioned for the future. At the heart of their endeavor lies a steadfast mission: to develop, advocate for, and disseminate gear that fosters the well-being and vitality of animals. While their immediate focus centers on dogs and cats, they envision expanding their impact to encompass a broader spectrum of creatures in the times ahead.