Frog Clip Tactical K9 Training Leash, Made In the USA

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Shark Fin Gear’s basic tactical training leash (without the black aluminum swivel) is our most affordable strongest leash for training or walking the most aggressive beast. The Kong Frog Clip combined with MilSpec 55301 Type 3 Solution Died Nylon strap gives you a ridiculous 2,000 lb. load capacity.  The MilSpec webbing is 1 inch doubled to give just the right thickness and durability. This leash won’t wear out or fray like common nylon webbing.

Kong Frog Clips are rated at a 4,900 lb. load capacity! You could tow a vehicle with this clip! It is a directional connector used on tactical dog leashes that features an automatic clamping action. Frog clips are both quick-capture and quick-release. When pressed against a D-Ring, the frog clip engages automatically and clips securely. They are favored by Police K9 and Military K9 units. 

Our Tactical Leash with the Black Aluminum Swivel has a load capacity of 880 lbs. The swivel is especially helpful for dogs like Dutch Shepherds that like to spin around fast and tangle up a straight leash. This leash will handle the most aggressive beast!