Tactical Dog Collar, Made In the USA 🇺🇸

Tactical Dog Collar, Made In the USA 🇺🇸

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Shark Fin Gear is super excited to introduce it's first Tactical Collar Made in the USA in Phoenix Arizona! If you don't see the color or style you want sign-up for email updates to hear about new models we will be introducing including models with handles.

The webbing of the Shark Fin gear Tactical collar is the 1.5 inch solution dyed Cordura® Nylon webbing. Most webbing is made and then dyed to a color; called Vat Dyed (cheap crap on Amazon). Solution Dyed webbing has the dye mixed with the plastic polymer and so the color is present throughout the webbing, not just on the outside. Think of the difference between a radish and a carrot; the radish is red on the outside only while the carrot is orange all the way through. The benefit is better color consistency in manufacturing, lower reflectivity especially in the IR spectrum, no color change with abrasion, and better resistance to sunlight fading. SFGC uses Solution dyed webbing made in the USA!


1.5 inch solution dyed Cordura® Nylon MilSpec Mil-W-17337 webbing made in the USA. Thickness is 0.048 inch. Webbing is doubled on this collar to give a total thickness of 0.096. Single width 0.048 has a breaking load of 1,800 lbs.


Hardware Choices:

1.5" Nexus Side Release Buckles - Black Made in USA

Originally designed by ITW Nexus, the Black Side Release buckle has long been the industry standard for side release functionality and design appearance.  Center bar wings prevent over-flexure of arms and release under impact loading. The Ladderloc feature provides maximum webbing grip while allowing smooth and easy adjustment. Note: It is reccomended this buckle should not be used for tie-out or on aggressive strong dogs. Load Tested to 400lbs.

1.5” Nexus GT Cobra

1.5” Nexus GT Cobra is designed to be more robust than any other type of plastic hardware on the market, with a targeted tensile load of 500lbs which is a 100% Polymer system with no metal components. This make is perfect for service dogs traveling through metal detectors.

A few of the many GT Cobra™ advantages include its lightweight construction, noise discipline, Infra-red reduction compliance, cost to performance ratio, and 100% U.S. Berry Amendment compliance for Government applications. The GT Cobra™ buckle is designed for all heavy duty load bearing applications which makes it perfectly suited for dog harnesses and collars.

1.5” AustriAlpin COBRA® 

1.5” AustriAlpin COBRA® quick releases buckles are, without equal, the world's safest, most finely crafted, and strongest load bearing quick release fasteners available. They are also the only stab-lock style fastener in the safety products market that will not open while under load. That makes them the best choice for ensuring the highest degree of safety for you and your K9.  All Cobra products exceed Mil Spec guidelines for dust, sand, salt water as well as CE, CSA, ANSI, and NFPA standards. Without question, this is the buckle of choice for all military and police K9 units. Targeted tensile load of 2000lbs.

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