Street Smart™ Leash, Black, Burgundy, Tan, Dark Brown

Street Smart™ Leash 3.0 West Coast Style

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This patent-pending design is only available from Shark in Gear Company. As the name implies, this is the smartest leash on the street! It is actually two leashes in one. There is the primary leash that is handmade from the highest quality English Bridle leather from Wickett & Craig. It is available in two lengths, 48" or 72" and two widths, 5/8" and 3/4". It has an accessory D-ring at the handle that allows you to attach your poop bag container, a water bowl or whatever you choose. You can also use this D-ring to attach the leash around your body while at the dog park. Also included is the detachable Handy Leash™. This can stay attached to the primary leash while you are walking to bring your dog into a heel position. Or it can be used alone to walk your dog in the heel position without the full-length leash. At the park, backyard or in the house, the Handy Leash™ can be left on so that you can quickly grab and control your dog. The dog can wear this Handy Leash™ in the car so that when you open the door, you can grab the handle before he/she jumps out of the car. Have more than one dog? Have you tried a two handle leash but the second handle does not seem to be at the right height for you? The Street Smart™ Leash also comes with three d-rings to select the height of the Handy Leash™ during walking. So if you have a small dog, medium or large, you can select the right height for the Handy Leash™. Maybe you are short or tall, this also allows you to choose the right height for you. The Street Smart™ Leash also comes with 2 accessory straps that can bundle the leash together so you can store it in the drawer, glove box or backpack. You can also use these to attach an item like a water bottle to your accessory D-ring. The Street Smart™ Leash comes complete with the primary leash, Heel Handle™ and two accessory straps.